Welcome by the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,

I respectfully welcome you on behalf of the editorial board of Polgári Szemle, the journal of social sciences.

This publication is the recognised specialised journal of the conservative intelligentsia, and in 2018 is in its 14th volume. From this year onwards it will also be published in an English language version to provide the international audience with scientific analyses about Hungary, research results obtained in Hungary and economic and social developments in the region. The publication has been reviewed and has been qualified by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It is a popular publication space for Hungarian and international authors. Both the publication and the peer-review processes are subject to the highest level of moral and ethical principles.

Our editorial board, which consists of renowned experts from Hungarian academic life and the state administration, considers its main goal to be the professional and authentic presentation of current economic and social changes. Many years ago, when the journal was launched through the hard work of György Matolcsy (Chairman of the Editorial Board) and Balázs Botos (former Editor-in-chief) and with support from the Polgári Magyarországért Foundation, its principal endeavours were formulated as providing opportunities for publication for the conservative intelligentsia and scientists representing concepts that were outside of mainstream thinking, and enabling the publication of essays with a conservative approach to economic and social disciplines. The ideas of the experts and authors organised around Polgári Szemle greatly promoted the first steps and the work of the conservative government that has been in office since the summer of 2010, given that during the years spent in opposition valuable studies and workshop discussion papers and books were born of the inspiration of collective thinking and a value-creating atmosphere.

Since January 2011, when the current editorial board took on the role of their predecessors in carrying out governmental functions, particular importance has been placed, in the board’s strategy to function as an academic workshop and in the studies by the associated circle of authors, on the presentation of the taxonomy applied in the fundamental transformation of economic policy and in state reorganisation. In addition to foreign affairs and international business, the articles by our authors with an international perspective touch upon the struggles of the European Union and the numerous territories in the euro area that are challenged by problems, and their implications for Hungary, the renewal of public finances and social policy. The changing conditions and operation of regional policy, regional development, public administration, public and higher education and healthcare – in other words, the challenges for public administration and social policy – are also discussed through easy-to-understand and yet academic presentations.

And what if we need a “softer song”? You can read articles about the origin of the Hungarian language by professors of literature, about our history and the brave actions of our ancestors and the fateful events of world history, and reviews of books published by Hungarian authors and of essays by foreign authors with relevance to Hungary and influence on our daily lives.

Our purpose is to provide space in our bi-monthly issues for the lecturers and PhD students of provincial universities and for young conservative intelligentsia, and an opportunity for less well-known academics at the beginning of their careers to publish their writing. Please keep sending us your papers both from within Hungary and from beyond our borders!

Enjoy reading our journal whether you subscribe to it or browse it on the web.

Professor Csaba Lentner