The Alternative Dispute Resolution in Major Regulatory and Indicative Legal Cultures

Civic Review· VOL 17. Special Issue, 2021, 308–323., DOI: 10.24307/psz.2021.0022

Prof. Dr. Dr. Hc. Antal Visegrády , professor, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


After clarifying the nature of the legal culture, the present study examines the operation and effectiveness of alternative dispute resolutions in six European (including English and Hungarian) Islamic, African, Hindu, and Far Eastern (Chinese and Japanese) legal systems. The final conclusion of the article is that a clear rearrangement in the world of legal cultures has begun since the 20th century, in two main directions. On the one hand, Western legal cultures, among other reasons, are more open to exploring and increasingly open to alternative dispute resolutions due to civic dissatisfaction with the judiciary. On the other hand, in Eastern legal cultures, the role of law in conflict resolution is gradually increasing.

Keywords: Legal Culture, Alternative dispute resolutions, European rights, African and Asian Rights