Vol. 13, Special Issue, 2017

Csaba Lentner
Snapshots of Hungary: Balance, Growth and Dynamism. Editor-in-Chief’s Foreword
Economic and Public Finances
Sándor Kopátsy
Hungarian Compass Between East and West
Csaba Lentner
Scientific Taxonomy of Hungarian Public Finances After 2010
Árpád Kovács
Rule-Based Budgeting: The Road to Budget Stability.
The Hungarian Solution
Katalin Jakovác – László Domokos – Erzsébet Németh
Supporting Good Governance in SAI’s Audit Planning
László Domokos – Magdolna Holman
The Methodological Renewal of the State Audit Office of Hungary in Light of the Protection of Public Funds
Márton Nagy – Pál Péter Kolozsi
The Reduction of External Vulnerability and Easing of Monetary Conditions with a Targeted Non-Conventional Programme: The Self-Financing Programme of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank
András Giday – Szilvia Szegő
“Getting Over” National External Indebtedness – Or Is Baron Munchausen’s Story Not a Mere Fairy Tale After All?
Bianka Parragh
Competitiveness and Economic Stimulus. New Dimensions and Instruments of Monetary Policy
Péter Novoszáth
The Main Challenges and Risks for Social Security Systems in the European Union. The Essence of Reforms in Hungary After 2010
Ákos Szalai – Pál Péter Kolozsi
What Shall We Do for a More Competitive Hungarian Economy? Thoughts About the Monograph Competitiveness and Growth of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank
Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir
Crisis and Financing – or the Practical Financing Decisions of Hungarian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Tamás Rózsás
China in Europe. Hungary’s Key Role in a Strategic Partnership
Law and Higher Education
István Stumpf
The Hungarian Constitutional Court’s Place in the Constitutional System of Hungary
Tamás Prugberger – Andrea Szőllős
Several Critical Issues in the Development of the Administration of Hungarian Constitutional Justice
Zoltán Zéman
The New Hungarian Model in Hungarian Economic Science Higher Education
József Kandikó – Judit B. Varga
A Successful Programme to Help Hungarian Intellectuals Beyond the Border
Hungarian History
Miklós Kásler
Ethnic and Demographic Changes in Hungary’s (More Than) 1100 Years Long History
Béla Kolozsi
About the Hungarian Autonomous Territoriality of Szeklerland. The Autonomous Enclave Within Romania: A Second Territorial Entity Where the Hungarian Ethnic Group Is Concentrated
Attila Horváth
The Educational Policy of the Soviet Dictatorship in Hungary
Living Traditions
Attila Smuta – Zsuzsa Buzás
Aspects of Kodály’s Music Pedagogy
Adél Vehrer
Hungarian Folk Customs and Traditions
From Our Conservative Workshop
Szabolcs Pinnyey
What Is the Third Dimension of Economy Like? Review About a Book by Sarolta Laura Baritz, OP
Csaba Lentner
The Taxonomy of Success. Review of a Book by György Matolcsy
Tamás Prugberger
A Fictitious Discussion by Financial Experts About Hungary’s Position in the Changing World. Review of the Book Entitled Hungary in the Changing World (a Book by Mihály Patai, László Parragh and Csaba Lentner)
Zoltán Nagy
Review of Books on the Scientific Taxonomy of New- Type Public Finances (Books by Csaba Lentner)
Melinda Koczor-Keul – Tamás Molnár
A ‘Bittersweet’ Story. The Privatization of the Hungarian Sugar Industry (a Book by Péter Bertalan)