Vol. 14, Special Issue, 2018

Csaba Lentner
On the Renewal of Economic Thinking
Hungarian Public Finances and Economic Policy
Pál Péter Kolozsi – Csaba Lentner – Bianka Parragh
The Pillars of a New State Management Model in Hungary
József Varga – Sándor Kenyeres
Current Questions of the Transformation of Hungarian Taxation
Péter Novoszáth
New Hungarian Economic Philosophy to Improve Households’ Financial Situation
Márton Járosi – Pál Kovács
Energy Policy of Hungary
Petronella Molnár – Szilárd Hegedűs
Municipal Debt Consolidation in Hungary (2011-2014) in an Asset Management Approach
András Bethlendi
Sovereign Defaults and How to Handle Them
András Kecskés
Investing Safely and Lucratively: What is New in Hungarian Investment Law?
Bálint Teleki
The Role of Agencification in the Post-2010 Financial Stabilization in Hungary
Hungary's Regions, Competitiveness and Country Image
János Amrik – Gusztáv G. Hittig – Zsolt Gál – Judit Bárczi – Zoltán Zéman
Investing in the Future
Tibor Pintér
The Integration of Hungary into the European Union – Economic Aspects
Judit Sági – István Engelberth
Regional Development and Well- Being of Regions in Hungary
Dávid Fekete
Latest Results of the Győr Cooperation Model
Lajos Veres
The Current State and Future of the European Danube Region Strategy (EDRS)
Péter Szatmári – György Suha
International Development Policy Structures for Cooperation in Science, Technology and Education in Hungary
Gábor Kutasi
Stability of CEE Banks in the Crisis Years. Capital Adequacy and Too-Big-to-Fail Parent Banks in CEE
István Tózsa
Hungarian Country Equity
László Árva
Economic and Technical Factors Behind the Rise and Fall of Economic Globalization and Some Consequences in Hungary
Social Policy
Judit Sági – Csaba Lentner – Tibor Tatay
Family Allowance Issues
András Giday – Szilvia Szegő
Towards the “Child-to-Parent” Based Pension Allowance (“C2P”)
Bence Balassa – Tamás Bezsenyi
The Organisation of Accelerating Economic Offenses During the Change of Regime
Tamás Prugberger – Hilda Tóth – Andrea Szőllős
The Development of the Hungarian Labour and Public Service Laws After the Regime Change
Religious Policy, History and Ideologies
Stephen Count of Bethlen
The Role of Calvinism in the Development of Modern Economy
Z. Elisha Bán
A Religious Order on Trial. Cistercians in Socialism
Miklós Kásler
Ignaz Semmelweis, the Saviour of Mothers
Adél Vehrer
Táltos, Witch, Incubus, Succubus and Other Beings in Hungarian Folklore and Mythology
Antal Birkás
The Protestant Reformation: Origins, Impact and Heritage
Academic Workshop and Reviews of Books About Hungary
Géza Sebestyén
Proactivity and Innovation as a Means of Central Bank Renewal
Zoltán Sipos
Review of Book Entitled Management for the Benefit of the Public
Ernő Huszti
On the Change of Regime in Public Finances and the Theoretical and Practical Features of the Hungarian Method
János István Németh
1956 in the Oral Tradition in Sokorópátka