Vol. 15, Special Issue, 2019

Gábor Hamza
The Political and Intellectual Legacy of Robert Schuman, the “Father” of European Integration – with an Outlook on His Relations with Hungary
Economic Policy
György Matolcsy
Successful Crisis Management in the Light of the Twelve Economic Turnarounds
László Domokos
How Does the State Audit Ofce Promote Good Governance in Public Finances?
Árpád Kovács
The Career of Rule Based Budgeting in Hungary
Csaba Kandrács
The Renewal of Banking Supervision
Katalin Botos
More than 30 Years of the Hungarian Banking System
László Domokos, Mária Makkai and Virgil Szommer
Audit Experiences of State-Owned Business Organisations in Service of the State Management Approach
Csaba Lentner
Dimensions in Hungarian State Companies – in an Historical and International Perspective
Dániel Molnár and Gábor Regős
The Change of Government Debt Management in the Visegrád Countries
Róbert Tóth, Krisztina Szük, Boglárka Szijártó and Krisztina Sisa
The Role of Modern Day Education and Qualifed Workforce in Improving Corporate and National Economic Competitiveness
Social and Cultural Policy
Béla Makkai
Chopping Hungary Up by the 1920 Peace Dictate of Trianon
Gábor Máthé
Post-Modern Rule of Law
Antal Visegrády
On Hungarian Legal Culture
Nóra Jakab, Tamás Prugberger, Andrea Szöllős and Hilda Tóth
Developments in Hungarian Labour and Public Service Legislation during the 2011–2012 Codifcation and the Subsequent Comprehensive Amendments
András Giday and Szilvia Szegő
Double Coverage for the Pension Scheme – Pensions Require Both Children and Wages
József Banyár
The Problems Underlying the Pension Scheme and Low Birth Rates Can Only Be Resolved Together – A Complex Proposal for Linking Pensions to Parenting
Tibor Pintér
Economic Determinants of the Natural Fertility Rate with Special Focus on the EU and on Hungary
Zsuzsa Buzás and Damien Sagrillo
The Role of Cultural Heritage in 21st-Century Music Education
Environmental Protection and Corporate Social Responsibility
László Bartók
Climate Change and the Hungarian Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Anita Borzán and Bernadett Szekeres
Accounting Tourism Development Grants in Hungary
Judit Sági
Perspectives in Corporate Social Actions and Social and Financial Performance
Ferenc Molnár
The Role of Electricity in Sustainable Energy Supply
István Tózsa
Innovation and Identity
Árpád Tóth, Balázs Gönczy, Alex Suta and Cecília Szigeti
Free-float Car Sharing Companies in Hungary and a Comparison to Germany
Academic Workshop and Book Reviews
Bettina Martus
Audit: Means of Sustainable Good Governance
Balázs Cseh
The History of Public Business Organisations in Hungary – Refections Taking Further the Logic of the Book East of Europe, West of Asia
Balázs Botos
Review of the Book Entitled the Preservation of Values in the 1950’s. The Story of Gyurka (György Rozgonyi) and His Youth Movement
Tamás Prugberger and Erika Sebestyén
Three Leading Intellectuals on Hungary’s Changing Situation – Ramblings in Relation to the Book Hungary in a Changing World
Gábor Hamza
Codifcation of Hungarian Private (Civil) Law in a Domestic and International Comparison
Attila K. Molnár
Thomas Molnar and the Conservatives in the US
Bálint Teleki
From the Sanhedrin to Foreign Currency Loans in Hungary
Szilárd Egyed
How Income from Parental Contribution Helps Young Hungarians Become Consumers
Róbert Tóth and Petronella Gyurcsik
Areas of Improvement in Hungarian SMEs Competitiveness – Corporate Financial Literacy in Focus